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#12 signs that you’re not drinking enough water

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The addition of water is important, especially in hot weather. You can tell if you’ve had enough or not.

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#12 signs that you’re not drinking enough water

Dry skin

One way to see if you’ve had enough water is to observe your skin condition. Without water, the skin will be dull, lacking elasticity and dryness, instead of stretching and brightening as when drinking enough water.

#12 signs that you're not drinking enough water

Feeling thirsty

Feeling thirsty when we are short of water and need to replenish immediately.

Dark urine

If urine is dark yellow, your body is dehydrated. The kidneys work harder to condense urine and give water to the body. Normally, the urine will be yellowish or transparent when water is sufficient.

Bad breath

Saliva has the function of cleaning and eradicating bacteria in the mouth. If you do not drink enough water, your body will not produce enough saliva to kill them, causing them to swell and cause bad breath.

#12 signs that you're not drinking enough water

Frequent headaches

When water is short, tissues in the brain temporarily shrink, stimulating the pain receptors, leading to headaches. At the same time, dehydration also causes blood volume to drop, resulting in less blood and oxygen to the brain, causing pain.

Irritability and distraction

Water helps to transport nutrients to the brain, while also releasing toxins to increase performance. Therefore, when you are short of water, you will feel distracted, irritable and vague.

Sleep deprivation

Lack of water can cause you to snore, dry your nose, cramps, causing sleep to be interrupted. You can drink water before 20h to avoid urinating while sleeping.


Constipation is one of the serious symptoms that you face if you do not drink enough water. Water is needed to liquefy the stool and to lubricate the digestive system. Without enough water, stools become stiff and lead to constipation.


Do not blame shampoo if you regularly have dandruff. Check if you are drinking enough water. Dry skin will cause dead skin cells, the scalp is similar.


Do you have wrinkles on your skin too soon compared to your age? No doubt, this is one of the important signs that you do not drink enough water. Skin loses water very quickly compared to other organs. Dry skin and wrinkles are the most obvious evidence of dehydration.


Water is an important ingredient in detoxifying the body. When you do not drink enough water, the detoxification process will be in trouble. This will lead to skin irritation like acne and boils. Avoid sugary drinks and pick pure water to drink.

#12 signs that you're not drinking enough water

Memory loss

Dehydration affects the function of the brain. Brain will decrease oxygen levels due to decreased blood volume, which will affect the brain cells and will lead to memory loss.



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