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#14 benefits of yoga

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Being present in hundreds of countries around the world, is the number one priority in all of the long-lasting health, beauty and youthfulness of yoga, known as “miracle” in the gym sports around the planet. What are the benefits of Yoga?

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What is yoga?

Yoga is a practice that requires a high level of mental and physical union at the same time. Based on the principle of controlling the breath and keeping the body in the same position, thereby mastering and controlling the body’s toughness, enhancing intelligence, health and finding the true value of happiness. The magic of yoga is through the practice of the body to initiate, to help people enlighten, to abandon the unhealthy lifestyle, the bad and perfect themselves. With thousands of benefits of yoga, this discipline is considered to be the oldest and most reliable sport in the world.

#14 benefits of yoga

Signs you need to do yoga right away

You feel constant stress

Most of us experience stress every day from work stress, complex social relationships, responsibilities with family and those around them. If your stress levels are constantly rising The benefits of Yoga now will be to calm you down, focus fully on your movements and breathing, relieve stress and relax.

You have back pain

Back pain is caused by an injury or accident but mostly due to a misleading lifestyle. Yoga exercises relieve back pain by reversing forward or backward controlled posture. These gentle movements will strengthen the muscles inside and outside the back, limiting back pain for you.

You want a beautiful skin

A bright white skin will give you more confidence in life. Yoga exercises are easy to practice to help regulate the blood under the skin, support the digestive system to eliminate toxins from the intestines from the body by secretions from which the skin is stronger and smooth as postures. Seating Chair, Standing by Shoulder, Bridge …

Your body is strained

People with osteoarthritis, obesity who do not regularly exercise for a long time will lead to stress, which affects the bones, joints, and heart. To overcome this, you should start with Basic Yoga Exercises. At this point the benefits of Yoga are maximized to help you stretch your muscles and help you move more smoothly.

Your breathing is not uniform

If unequal breathing or shortness of breath, folding you should take care and begin to practice the basic yoga exercises, paying attention to the breath. Because, the benefit of Yoga is to help you adjust your breathing effectively.

You can not concentrate

If you can not focus on doing something for so long as watching TV while surfing the phone, doing this but thinking about other things, Yoga will help to increase your concentration properly by breathing pace.

You are vulnerable to injury

If you are very vulnerable to injury such as muscle strain, joint pain … then yoga is a safe dose for you. Yoga increases the flexibility and endurance of the body through movement. The benefits of yoga also strengthen the balance and stability, limiting injury to the body.

You can not control your emotions

Have you ever been in a state of confusion, tense and unable to control your own behavior? Yoga will help you to be calm, calm and calm in your thoughts. After yoga you will feel more confident in your emotional decisions.

You have memory impairment

For middle-aged people, or those who often face stress, forgetfulness and depression are extremely common, because this is a mechanism of the brain that protects the brain from the stress, fatigue. Yoga techniques such as keeping your partner in constant breathing will help you focus more, reduce your forgetfulness a lot.

Your cardiovascular system is having problems

Basic and advanced yoga exercises are capable of regulating heart rate and blood pressure, increasing coronary circulation, improving cardiac muscle contraction, improving endurance in cardiac conditions oxygen. According to a study, regular yoga training will reduce the heart rate by about 10%, blood pressure decreased from 15 to 25%, actively prevent hypertensive diseases.

You have an unhealthy lifestyle

Try to practice yoga instead of unhealthy habits that can harm your physical health such as smoking, using stimulants, drinking too much alcohol … and you will find the difference. happens in your life.

You feel shy

Yoga exercises help you relax and calm your mind so that you feel more confident before the effects from the environment and those around you. Because of this, they help you feel less embarrassed, shy and help you reap more success in life.

You have trouble sleeping

Sleeplessness is one of the increasing diseases when human life is becoming more modern. If you have frequent sleeplessness, fatigue, stress, some yoga moves will help your head be massaged, soothe the nervous system and make you sleep better. Typically the fish posture, baby posture.

You want to improve your appearance

Yoga not only improves health, relaxation, stress relief … but also brings a lot of great benefits to your physique. For a body that is not slimmer, less toned due to age and impact of life, doing the right yoga will help you to have a healthy, seductive body.

You want to do good sports

Yoga provides you with a solid body base for you to better develop other sports such as soccer, jogging, skiing … Through the practice of yoga, you will strengthen your muscles, especially stomach. Yoga also provides flexibility, balance and concentration. These are essential elements for other sports.

You can not control your body weight

Regular Yoga exercises will help your body burn more calories and build up fat. Standing, twisting, twisting, and deep breathing exercises will help control body weight, energy, and muscle, calf, buttocks, and abdominal muscles.

#14 benefits of yoga

1. Muscle development

Healthy muscles make people look “more”. Muscle also protects us from arthritis and back pain – common diseases in old age. Unlike the gym, muscles in yoga are built on the balance of strength and flexibility.

2. Prevent joint degeneration

Many exercises in yoga help the cartilage to be active, avoiding hard stiffness because it is less used.

3. Spine protection

Some bending or twisting movements make the spine flexible, stretched and stronger.

4. Make strong bones

Some studies have shown that yoga can prevent osteoporosis. Many positions you need to use your hands to support your weight.

5. Helps blood circulation better

The relaxation exercises in yoga increase the blood circulation in the body, especially in the hands and feet. Proper breathing helps add oxygen to the lungs, blood and cells. That is why yoga practitioners can avoid heart attacks and strokes.

6. Strengthen the immune system

When the muscles are stretched and contracted, lymph (a viscous fluid that boosts immune cells) is produced. The lymphatic system helps people fight off infections, destroy cancer cells and release toxins in the cells.

7. Helps the heart healthy

Breathing is very important in yoga and causing high heart rate with some difficult movements. Yoga improves the oxygen absorption of the heart. It helps reduce the risk of heart attack and depression.

8. Reduce blood pressure

Many trials have proven that if you have high blood pressure then yoga is the perfect method for you.

9. Reduce blood sugar

Yoga is also useful for people with diabetes. It reduces blood sugar levels in many ways and encourages people to lose weight.

10. Improve Your Neurology

Some yoga practitioners can control your body and focus on the mind. Zen teachers are not even affected by external factors such as temperature, noise …

11. Liberate the tension

Yoga increases cortisol and adrenaline (two hormones play an important role in reducing stress). Exercises, legs, arms, even your tongue and eyes can be “freed” from fatigue.

12. Enhance lung function

People who practice yoga tend to take deeper, slower, and more effective breaths. Besides, it promotes filtration, removing dust from the air before entering the lungs.

13. Ease the pain

Meditation and asana (a posture that makes people feel physically and emotionally comfortable) can relieve pain in people with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and multiple sclerosis. On the other hand, strong spirit helps you overcome physical pain.

14. Support recovery

You will easily feel the “overlapping” benefits of yoga. For example, breathing changes the nervous, lung and heart systems. The movement to develop muscles and the backbone … This connection is important factors to help the body recover.



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