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#14 health benefits of kissing

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You need an explanation for the question why should we all kiss often?

There is nothing magic with sweet, burning kisses (brilliant kisses make vocal power in love songs). Kissing is not only a way of expressing love but kissing is also a medicine to prevent illness, reduce pain, burn calories, reduce wrinkles.

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#14 health benefits of kissing

1. Strengthen the immune system

Kisses are said to boost the immune system and specifically help women avoid Cytomegalo, a virus that can cause blindness in newborns and other congenital malformations if the mother carries the virus during pregnancy

2. Burn calories

Embracing can help burn 2 to 6 calories per minute. If the kiss lasts for an hour, you can burn calories equal to half the chocolate candy and half a glass of wine.

3. Good for skin

Not only are gym workouts firmer, the researchers found that the body uses up to 30 different muscles during kissing and it especially affects the muscles in the jaw.

#14 health benefits of kissing

4. Help your body relax

Scientific reports say the kiss boosts the hormone oxytocin, which helps the body relax naturally. In addition, the action of the cheek also helps the body to produce more dopamine, which makes the couple feel closer to each other.

5. Helping to choose the ideal partner

Anthropologist Helen Fisher describes the kiss as a “partner assessment tool.” Most sensitive nerve endings are located around the lips, cheeks, tongue and nose. They give the best feeling of smell, taste, touch and temperature. Therefore, when kissing someone, you can feel the most accurate about them.

6. Good for oral health

A deep kiss increases the amount of saliva secreted, which is good for oral health. In addition, saliva extracts help cleanse the sticky food and strengthen the immune system of the body.

7. Reduce stress

Nothing good with a kiss after a long day of stress. The hormone oxytocin produced during kissing works to significantly reduce stress hormone cortisol. It also produces serotonin hormone, which helps to feel calm and satisfying.

8. Lower blood pressure

You may find that kissing makes the heart beat faster and this is a good thing for health. Because the blood vessels dilate, it helps to bring more blood to the body and lower blood pressure as well as stress hormones.

9. Reduce headache

A kiss can relieve migraines that are similar to painkillers. Because blood circulation increases during kissing, it can reduce the pain symptoms especially in the head. Kiss also helps women reduce abdominal pain during menstruation.

10. Bring joy

Kissing is an important way to express one’s feelings. Kisses can bring joy. And joy is the great material of happiness.

11. Make the marriage more sustainable

When couples kiss, their bodies exchange a lot of subconscious information and they can discover information about each other’s immune system. Therefore, frequent kissing can help to make marriage more sustainable.

12. Increase linkage

Kiss promotes intimacy and enhances bonding.

13. Reduce allergic reactions

Dr. Hajime Kimata, an allergy specialist at a Japanese hospital who won a Nobel Prize for kissing research for 30 minutes, may reduce the consequences of allergic reactions.

In 2006, his team conducted a study of 24 patients with two types of allergies: mild allergic (allergic skin) and mild allergic rhinitis (allergic rhinitis). He let them kiss their important people for 30 minutes while listening to light music. Results showed that their allergic reactions decreased when compared before and after the test.

The researchers also found that kissing will reduce IgE antibodies in the blood. It is known that IgE is an antibody that causes allergic reactions.

14. Increase sexual desire

Kissing affects the brain, releasing “happy hormones” like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. In addition, testosterone – a hormone that affects sexual desire in both sexes – can be released after a deep kiss.

Dr Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at the University of Albany, said: “Men’s saliva contains testosterone – a sex hormone, so long-lasting kissing can boost testosterone levels. sex”.



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