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#5 Drinks should be avoided in the summer

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On hot days, a glass of cold beer is really cool to cool off. However, you need to think carefully before drinking it, even if it is very thirsty.

Some beverages are supposed to help you get refreshed in the summer but excessive use can be harmful.

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#5 Drinks should be avoided in the summer


As a precaution, you should know that this drink increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and dental health. In summer, it also increases the risk of dehydration. Research from the American Physiological Society found that the use of carbonated soft drinks to replenish water actually dehydrates and increases kidney damage.

This study investigated the effects of single sugars (glucose and fructose) in carbonated soft drinks when tested with mice. These animals exposed to a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius, drink carbonated soft drinks for about 4 weeks. After the study, the mouse kidney showed signs of inflammation, injury and oxidation. Therefore, you should think carefully before you want to drink a soda cup.

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#5 Drinks should be avoided in the summer

Acoholic drink

A cold beer is really hot on a hot summer day, but you should refuse it even if you are really thirsty. Dr. Heather Mangieri, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Institute, said alcohol is a diuretic, causing the body to produce urine, leading to high water loss. Photo: Prevention.

In addition, for those who often go out in the sun, they are prone to stroke, exhaustion, drinking alcohol makes them more vulnerable. If you are forced to drink alcohol, take a sip of water after a glass of wine to prevent dehydration and body discomfort the next day.

Coffee or tea

For people who regularly drink coffee or tea, the amount of caffeine in them actually benefits the body. But for some people rarely drink them, the amount of caffeine will have a negative impact on them, especially on hot days.

According to the Mayo Clinic, however, caffeine still has a diuretic effect. So, even if you are used to this drink, you need to consume extra water in the summer to avoid dehydration.


Cold water does not cool you down more quickly but causes sore throats in particular, as well as respiratory diseases in general. In addition, drinking large amounts of cold water while your body is still hot, sweating will cause you to lose more water, thirst and lead to many other dangerous health problems.

Coconut water

The sweetness of coconut water makes it an ideal summer drink. However, according to Oriental Medicine, this is the type of water should be avoided when drinking in the sun. The reason is because the coconut water in the sound system, welding, heat very quickly, but also cause sudden drop in body temperature, limbs soften, go away while going to the sun. Worse, you can have cold sweat or fever. If you have a strong movement, hot people should avoid using coconut water or sit down for a while and take a small sip.

Note when drinking in this summer:

– Do not wait until thirsty or tired to drink water. At this point, you will tend to drink a lot of water and easily cause the body to be shocked, overloaded. Always carry a bottle of water and drink regularly.

– In addition to water, fruits like watermelon and guava also help to provide water and cool very well. You should add them right into your daily menu!



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