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#7 benefits of laughter

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Everyone knows, laughing will make the mood happy, but in addition it brings many other health benefits that few people know. According to Discovery magazine, laughing will increase the immune system function, regulate blood pressure, stimulate the activity of internal organs, and reduce pain.

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#7 benefits of laughter

Good for the brain

Smiles make your mind clear, enhance memory, creative more and improve your problem resolution.

Good for cardiovascular

Smile with a happy state to help keep blood pressure stable and lower. The fun, or laugh, less the disease of hypertension.

Create closeness

When you laugh, people around you tend to laugh with you (the rare thing happens when you cry). Everyone likes to be close or to communicate with people or laugh.

And according to research, people in the community laugh more than 30 times more than when they are alone.

Reduce stress

Smile increases the hormone positive as endophins (natural pain hormone) and serotonin (hormone regulation mood). While laughing, your body produces a lot of endorphins. These hormones work to improve the mood, bring back the mood. Smile is a tonic for free, you do not have to pay but also enjoy the invaluable effect of it.

#7 benefits of laughter

Provide oxygen to the body

Usually when you breathe, you breathe very shallow. Laughing, laughing makes the lungs exhale continuously, works to cleanse the airways, push the poison gas out of the body. Followed by deep inhalation increases the elasticity of the parenchyma and bronchioles, oxygen is introduced into the body, anti-fibrotic staining of the interstitial and pleural.

Strengthen immunity

The scientists said that laughing is extremely positive and important for the immune system. They argue that it is advisable to put a smile on the line with the use of synthetic vitamins and antibacterial soap. With the effects of reducing stress hormones, increasing blood circulation, increasing oxygen flow through breathing, clearing negative emotions, laughing will stimulate the immune system and keep the body healthy.

Weight loss

Smile brings a lot of impact to the body. Smile increases the energy burning process. According to the researchers, 15 minutes of laughing to help the body to consume calories equivalent to the 800m run. At the same time, when smiling, it helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Pain relief

Laughter is the best natural painkiller. It is very effective, free, without the doctor’s opinion and more available anywhere.

Smiles help dispel fears, resolve anger, so that we will be able to solve the situation more effectively.

Good for diabetics

In some studies, it has been found that laughing has a positive effect on blood sugar levels. It is unclear which mechanism causes this, but when testing on a group of patients with type 2 diabetes, the researchers found that their blood sugar was more stable when watching a program. Joking compared to listening to a dull lecture.

In addition, smile increases the attractiveness to the opposite sex, improves relationships, increases trust, strengthens the muscles, increases endurance.



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