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Nutrition from in Gac fruit

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Gac fruit is a very good vegetable for health, but few know the Nutrition from Gac fruit. Today’s article https://nutritionfromfood.com will answer this.

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Information on Gac fruit:

Gac is a Southeast Asian fruit, found throughout the region from southern China to northeastern Australia, including Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. Its fruit is used in food and in medicine.

Gac is a herbaceous plant of the genus Ginkgo. This is a single tree of origin, ie, a female and a separate male. Gac fruit grows strong, length can grow up to 15 meters. The trunk has an angle section. Leaves gac smooth, the lobe of the propeller divided from 3 to 5, 8-18 cm long. Flowers have two types: female and male flowers. Both have pale yellow petals. Round fruits, color of leaves, when ripe turn orange, diameter of 15-20 cm. Gac fruit with dense thorns. Each fruit is usually composed of six segments. Gac fruit is reddish orange. Dark brown gac seed, oblong. Gac flower summer to fall, to the new winter nine. Each year, only one harvest can be harvested. Because of the relatively short harvest (around December or January), gac is less common than other fruits.

Nutrition from Gac fruit

Nutrition from in Gac fruit

In the statement of the Ministry of Health – Institute of Nutrition, fruit left the result:

Waste 80.0 removed; water 77.0; proteic 2.1; lipid 7.9; gluxit 10.5; cellulose 1.8; as 0.7; calories 100g to 12.5; mineral salt (mg); Ca: 56; P: 6.4; Vitamin Carotene 91.6mg.

– Beta carotene is 1.8 times higher than mackerel liver oil, 10 times as much as carrots. Beta carotene is a natural antioxidant. A.
– Lycopene: 70 times higher than tomatoes, to the extent that crystals can crystallize. Carotenoids are anti-aging, prevent heart attacks and protect against the damage of the gene.
– Vitamin E in the form of α tocopherol: This is the natural vitamin E should have a strong effect on the development of reproductive and beauty skin.
– Linoleic Acid (Omega 6): Also known as Vitamin F, it helps to stabilize blood vessels, prevent cardiovascular disease, help lower blood cholesterol.
Oleic Acid (Omega 9): Helps develop the nervous system and myelinated fibers. Especially good for pregnant and lactating mothers, infants and young children.

Benefits from in Gac fruit

– Cancer prevention:

According to research from the University of California, the active ingredient in gac oil: β-carotene (150mg%): twice as high as mercury liver oil, 15 times as much as carrots, pure natural β-carotene Drugs should have the strongest anti-aging effect while supplementing vitamin A sources in a reasonable and safe way (using synthetic vitamin A is a risk of excess, will be harmful to the body).

– Reduce cholesterol:

Vitamin E: (12mg%): 100% Vitamin E in Gac oil in the form of α-tocopherol, this is the natural vitamin E should have the strongest effect., Vitamin E is able to support the development of the body. Cosmetics and beauty. – Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) 15%: Also known as Vitamin F, this substance helps to stabilize blood vessels, prevent cardiovascular disease, help lower blood cholesterol.

– Good for sexual health:

Beta carotene (a precursor of vitamin A) in Gac oil is good for sexual health because vitamin A has a special effect on promoting the process of making protein molecules to nourish the body.

Vitamin A deficiency seriously affects the functioning of genital cells in the production of sperm and eggs as well as changes in the structure of the genitals such as vas deferens, prostate, uterus, ovaries …

– Enhance eyesight and skin beauty:

Gac is rich in vitamin A, which is good for the eyes, helps to brighten the eyes and cures some eye diseases. Many studies have confirmed that gac and Gac oil are considered as the leading food in skin smooth, white roses by composition of Gac and Gac oil including β-carotene (pre-vitamin A) 1.8 times higher Compared to cod liver oil, 15 times as much as carrots, the natural beta-carotene should have the strongest anti-aging effect. At the same time supplement the vitamin A helps maintain a healthy, smooth and smooth skin, increase the elasticity and moisture of the skin.

– Against aging:

The beta carotene of gac is twice as high as carrots. Gac oil is thought to have the function of preventing vitamin deficiency, increase immunity, increase body resistance, antioxidant, anti-aging cells.



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