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Nutrition from in shrimp

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Shrimp are very good for health, but few know the Nutrition from shrimp. Today’s article https://nutritionfromfood.com will answer this.

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Information on shrimp:

Shrimp in Vietnamese is the majority of crustacean species in the ten-foot crustacean family, with the exception of crabs, crabs and possibly part of the Anomura. (borrowed soul).

They are mostly aquatic underwater habitats, including marine species, such as lobsters, and freshwater species, such as shrimp and brackish water, such as the giant freshwater prawn. Moving in the water, they can crawl by foot, swim with dents, or in some cases swim backwards by folding to escape – a very characteristic swim style of many shrimp species.

Most shrimp species can be high protein sources for human consumption, many of which are of high commercial value.

Nutrition from shrimp

Nutrition from in shrimp

1. Amino acids, nutrients

Shrimp contains not as much amino acid as fish, but nutritional value is very high. In addition, the shrimp contains glycine, relatively high sweetness.

2. Fat

Low-fat shrimp, almost an animal, does not contain any carbohydrate or animal-derived carbohydrates.

3. Sodium

Sodium can regulate the osmotic pressure of the body, maintain the acid balance in the body, maintain normal blood pressure, and increase the flexibility of the muscles. Consequently, shrimp-made foods have many special health benefits.

Nutrition from shrimp

4. Calcium

Most people eat shrimp comes from the appetite, taste. Besides, eating shrimp is mainly intended for calcium supplementation.

The amount of calcium in the shrimp is plentiful, and can positively affect growth, regulate enzyme activity, hormone secretion, control inflammation and edema, maintain the basic acid balance. body.

5. Iron supplementation

One of the important nutrients contained in shrimp is iron. Normally, when the body is iron deficient, it will cause anemia, fatigue and difficulty breathing. Consuming shrimp is the best way to prevent iron deficiency in the body.

6. Vitamin B12 supplementation

Many studies show that when the body lacks vitamin B12 can make the muscles become weak, blurred vision and mood is worse. However, you should not worry too much. To solve these health problems, you need to meet your vitamin B12 needs by eating shrimp, as they are rich in vitamin B12.

Notes when eating shrimp:

– Not only shrimp, including other seafood should not be eaten because it is easy to “process” worms and parasites into people, even cause poisoning.

– Do not let the baby eat shellfish, otherwise the child is very easy to cough.

– Postpartum women should not eat much shrimp can cause difficult to digest, forming keloids.

– If you are allergic to shrimp, absolutely should not eat or eat in small amounts.

– When coughing, shrimp should not be eaten because the respiratory system is very sensitive to the smell of shrimp, only to cause illness for a long time.

– Do not mix shrimp with vegetables, fruits, vitamin C rich. As vitamin C when there are toxins available in shrimp leading to severe poisoning.

Although shrimps are delicious and nutritious seafood dishes. But we need to eat just right and proper way to source nutrients in shrimp can promote all its value and use.




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