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Nutrition from in tofu

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Tofu are very good for health, but few know the Nutrition from tofu. Today’s article https://nutritionfromfood.com will answer this.

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Information on tofu:

Tofu is a folk dish of people in some East Asian countries such as China, East Asia and Southeast Asia such as Vietnam.

Tofu is a dish that can help prevent atherosclerosis, which is also often made vegetarian for Buddhists.

Ingredients tofu are soy beans, ground and then soaked in water. Starch flows into water into a self-made form, filtered out. The shapes are usually square, round or rectangular.

When the product is finished, it can be further processed, such as cutting into a rectangle fried with oil. Add a spoonful of yellow, add a spicy, into a meal. If not fried, it can be sliced to make extra in vegetables or fish soup.

Nutrition from tofu

Nutrition from in tofu

In tofu contains a lot of vegetable protein along with trace elements such as zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium … These are all essential nutrients that the body does not have any food. In particular, tofu because it is derived entirely from plants, so cholesterol-free, very good for the heart.

Not to stop there, tofu also has the ability to prevent cancer. Tofu or soy-based dishes are great for women because researchers have found in this food a substance that is similar to testosterone in women. For those who plan to diet to lose weight or to eat vegetarian food, tofu is also a great choice for meals every day.

Nutrition from tofu

Benefits from tofu:

Prevention of cardiovascular disease

High levels of cholesterol in the body can cause cardiovascular disease. So eating a little tofu or tofu products every day is key to preventing heart disease (According to a study of US FDI).

Cancer prevention

At present, many families drunk themselves soy drink water. Mostly leave the residue. In fact, the nutrients present in soybean meal are rich and varied. In addition, scientists have found that soybeans contain cancer-fighting substances. Regular intake of soybean meal helps prevent prostate cancer, breast cancer, and urinary tract cancer.

Effect for reducing fat

Fresh tofu after coagulation produces an acidic substance that can break down fatty deposits in the body. Tofu in the process of freezing but do not break down the nutrients, so eating more tofu, especially tofu is a way to lose weight effectively.

Benefit for middle-aged women

As with age, the amount of testosterone in the female hormone begins to decline, as the amount of hormone secretion is not sufficient, will appear many diseases. Medical experts found that in tofu is similar to female hormone, so eating tofu can significantly supplement the amount of hormone deficiency in the body. Every day, taking 50ml of soy milk or 100g of tofu should work well for middle-aged women. There are some remarks that any food should be used in certain dosages, if too much will lead to bad effects, tofu too, although rich nutrition but too much food. health hazards.

Here are the top foods to eat with tofu:

Radish – tofu: Good for absorption of nutrients, help treat the symptoms, cough.

Spinach – tofu: Cough, stop asthma, strengthen the immune system of the body.

Tofu: Helps to improve the immune system, to fight against viruses and tumors, to prevent influenza.

Shallots – tofu: Can treat constipation, is a drug effective for people with constipation.

Oysters: oysters have a sound effect apple, diuretic swelling, thirst quencher. Tofu detoxification heat. These two foods combine to help inadequate blood supply, dry skin.

Mushrooms – Tofu: Effective cancer prevention, very good for the body.

Shrimp – tofu: Very good for people with high blood pressure, coronary arteriosclerosis, obesity. Because tofu is high in protein, shrimp are many trace elements.

Fish – tofu: Protein-rich fish, amino acids. Tofu contains large amounts of vegetable protein. Two dishes help to promote calcium absorption to prevent rickets, osteoporosis.

Goat meat – tofu: Two items help to add many trace elements, heat bar, stop thirst.

Ginger – Tofu: A good medicine for the lungs, can cough.

Avoid eating tofu with these dishes:

1. Chicken Eggs – Tofu: While rich in protein, eating together will affect the body’s absorption of protein, which is not good for health.

2. Dairy Cow: To reduce the nutritional value of both, affecting the body’s absorption of calcium.

3. Spinach – tofu: Eating these two foods will waste calcium. The spinach is rich in chlorophyll, iron and oxalic acid. Tofu is high in protein, fat and calcium.

4. Onions – Tofu: Absolutely not to eat, because onions contain large amounts of oxalic acid. Calcium in tofu when combined with this substance will combine with oxalic acid to calcium oxalate. This will help calcium absorption process difficult, long-term will cause severe calcium deficiency.

5. Honey – tofu: Easy to diarrhea. Due to enzyme honey, tofu rich in minerals, causing adverse reactions to the body.

Do not eat tofu with spinach because it affects the absorption of calcium, easy to stone the kidneys.

Do not eat tofu with honey because the bean curd has honey, sugar will meet, it will clot, frozen in the stomach, causing people to have difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, even leading to coma. In particular, people with cardiovascular disease should be avoided at the same time these two foods.



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